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Dominic Peters, M.D.
Lee Simon M.D.

Tenex Health TX®: Breakthrough Treatment for Tendon Pain

If you suffer from persistent pain in your elbow, shoulder, knee, hip, foot or ankle that affects your ability to work, exercise and perform daily routine activities; you may be among the 30 million Americans with chronic tendon pain.

New Treatment Option Available

Dr. Noyes is specially-trained to perform the innovative new Tenex Health TX® procedure to treat tendon pain that does not improve after 3 months with conservative therapies; such as medications, injections, rest or physical therapy. This minimally-invasive, one-time treatment option is based upon advanced technology developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

Tenex Health TX® is commonly used to relieve pain caused by conditions such as:
Shoulder tendonitis
Tennis/golfer's elbow
Gluteal tendonitis of the hip
Jumper's knee
Achilles tendonitis
Plantar fasciitis

How It Works

Performed on an outpatient basis under a local anesthetic, the Tenex® procedure uses a small probe and ultrasonic energy to precisely break down and remove the damaged soft tissue in the tendon that is the source of the chronic pain. This targeted treatment leaves the surrounding healthy tissue undisturbed to promote healing, and allows patients to return more quickly to their normal daily routines than with traditional open surgery.

Benefits of Tenex Health TX®
Faster pain relief
Less recovery time, with most patients returning to their normal activities within 6-8 weeks
Typically performed with local anesthetic
Quick procedure time (can be performed in minutes, not hours)
No sutures or stitches required

For more information about the Tenex Health TX® procedure, call Salem Orthopaedic Surgery at 330-332-7840.